Sunday, January 26, 2014

Episode 5: Winter Update

It's been a while!

Let's start way back in November - Copan Ruinas.
This is a quaint little town about 3 hours away by bus with a bunch of Mayan ruins.  We had a lot of fun there over Thanksgiving.  Our hotel served an amazing breakfast, and from it we could see Guatemala past all the mountains.  One thing we didn't consider - it was almost December and we were at altitude.  The temps dropped to the 50s each night, and we only owned one light jacket each.  We treated it as our training for the return to the States for Christmas.

During our first night in Copan, we went to a delightful German microbrewery.  The owner let me speak bad German with him, which was really nice.  They served up incredible, authentic German dishes, and the owner's wife created handmade jewelry that Megan cleaned out.  The next morning we went to the ruins on a guided tour.  The guide was really funny and spoke Spanish and English throughout to make us practice.

The coffee in Copan was amazing, the food was all very good, and it was a nice retreat from the city to help us begin winding down the school year.

The next week, I traveled to KC for the MLS Championship game at Sporting Park.  To sum it up, the cost and travel time were well worth it.  After two overtimes and 10 rounds of PKs (a league record), Sporting KC won.  It was one of the top 3 coolest days of my life (it was definitely the coldest day of my life), and an experience I was glad to share with family and friends.

The following week we came back home to see family and friends.  It was awesome to get to see people, and we already miss you all.

We came back to Central America a week early to go to Costa Rica for 5 days.  We will upload pictures and information about that trip soon.  For now, we are back to school and hard at work.  It's easy for people to forget that, even though we post all our fun happenings on this blog, we are actually here to work.  It's been a rough few weeks, getting back into the swing of things and working with some new changes at the school.  But we are happy to be back to teaching, and enjoying the mild weather!