Monday, July 29, 2013

We're Moving to Honduras & All You Got Was This Stupid Blog

Hello All!

Megan and I are going to do our best to keep you updated on our lives through this Stupid Blog - we hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone who came out at some/any point to say goodbye, we had a lot to squeeze in our last couple months and were so thrilled to see all of you. We want to hear about your lives, so hit us up on Skype (megan.sassenrath is Megan, mannellaice is David), comment below, or shoot us an email. We want to keep up with your lives, and thanks for all the support as we start a new chapter in ours!

Some background with links!:
We are moving to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The people are called Catrachos, we will be called Americans or other names. Our school is Escuela Internacional Sampedrana, or EIS for short.

Now for a list of minutiae:
- I (David) could not fit my tennis racket into my bag
- Megan was able to fit 6 pairs of shoes into her bag
- We miss Chief Inspector Roscoe (small dog)
- We ALMOST did everything on our KC Possimpable List
- It took us 3 hours to figure out we had packed a combined total of 4 iPod cords
- It's raining outside
- Our final American meal will be ... Chili's
- I defeated NBA Jam Remix Tour just in time
- Tomorrow we will miss Dr Pepper (big dog)
- I had to leave my wolf hat behind
- Jabón is a fun Spanish word (that's about all I know - I can at least buy soap!)
- We almost used all the barbecue sauce in our fridge
- I also have 6 pairs of shoes in my bag, but don't tell Megan
(EDIT: I, Megan, have packed 6 balls of yarn, but don't tell David)
- We already miss all our humans

Take care of yourselves, we look forward to having a beer with all of you in December. Bookmark this page, we will update you as much and as soon as possible!

David and Megan von Redbeard, aka Mannells